About us

Getting artwork packed can be a struggle. Especially when there is a deadline around the corner. On top of that, working with an art shipping company can be pretty expensive. More than often you’d be surprised by hidden costs like warehouse storage fees and release fees. Once your work arrives you’re confronted with several unknowns. Did my work survive the trip? Will I survive the cost of the trip?

Museumpak™ offers a new way to ship art. Goodbye strips of cardboard, goodbye hidden costs. Our boxes are designed to plug-and-play, so, you can do all the steps in the shipping process yourself. We want everyone to be able to enjoy professional foam protection, and make a great impression. No more art handlers having to do on site packing or build lumpy crates that fill up warehouses,  trucks, as well as your shipping bill. We offer long distance business class protection, for the price of “do it better yourself.”

How do we do it? All our boxes are built to our model that was designed for maximum security combined with ease of construction as well as ease of use. We use two materials: kraft liner cardboard and PE foam. Combined they offer the strength and protection of a plywood crate, without the weight. The perforated foam can be adjusted by hand to match any works shape holding it in place. Two layers of convoluted foam absorb vibration and movement so parcel and contents will make it safe, no matter how far.

Museumpak™ helps galleries, artists, museums and studios take control of the costs and energy that come with shipping. So you can stop worrying about deadlines and money and stay best at what you do.

Are you ready to jump-start your shipping?

Museumpak™ is proudly serving artists, galleries, collectors, institutions, conservators, fairs and fine art service companies since 2018. 


Museumpak™ BV
Turnhoutsebaan 82, 2140 Borgerhout, BE