Packing art can take up more time than you wish for. Even when you’re a proAt Museumpak™ we make and sell protective boxes and sleeves to ship art. Our promise is to give you a better shipping experience, and to bring your shipping bill down. All our boxes are foam padded and adjustable to fit your work. Easy to use, fast to ship out & lightweight to save on billable shipping weight. Museumpak™ has been ​helping museums, artists, galleries, auction houses and collectors to jump-start their shipping since 2018.

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Kraftliner Board

Our boxes are made out of the sturdiest double wall Kraftliner board. This allows us to make crate grade shipping containers without the use of wood. It saves on billable shipping weight for a lower shipping bill.


Diced Foam

Our boxes are designed to be the safest place for your work to be during transit. Each box is padded with 2 layers of convoluted foam and 1 middle layer of soft, perforated foam. The foam dices can be removed one by one to match the foam to the size of your work.


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Most of our boxes will be with you in between 2 and 7 business days. We work with different couriers based on your location and needs.

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Currently we're shipping to most EU countries and the UK. Our Small and Medium boxes are available worldwide, including USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

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