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Extra Large Art Shipping Box

Extra Large Art Shipping Box

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The XL box is our largest box that is designed for regular parcel service at 120 x 150 x 9.5 cm. Max frame/work size:  113 x 140 x 6 cm.

Only €49 delivery to Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, UK, Germany, France, Croatia, Poland.

Only €55 delivery to Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Norway, Ireland, Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Monaco, Portugal, Romania & Sweden. Email us for other countries.

The Extra Large box is our largest model and it was designed to comply with maximum allowed dimensions for parcel service.
It fits work up to  113 x 140 x 6 cm.

Each Extra Large box is made of the sturdiest kraft liner cardboard so it can stand the wear and tear of freight cargo. Movement within packages destroys package and artwork. In order to stabilise your work, each ​box comes with 2 layers of convoluted foam and 1 middle layer of soft, perforated foam. Our middle layer has perforations in the center to make it easy to match the foam to the size of your work. No tools are needed to remove enough perforated squares to form an opening evenly encasing the artwork. You will only need tape to close the box. Our boxes eliminate the need to hire an art shipping company to pack and ship the work. The box is easy to re-open and re-close so it can be used as often as you want.

All our are boxes are Premium Lined. Each box is reinforced with front and back puncture guards. The strength of plywood without the weight. So you'll save on billable weight shipping costs.  Puncture guards will protect your work from unwanted intruders and make your Premium box the safest place for your work to be while in transit. Working with professional materials gives you the best protection. And you'll make a great impression when shipping work out. 

  • Outside Dimensions in cm:
    120 x 150 x 9.5 cm
  • Outside Dimensions in inches:
    47.24" x 59.05" x 3.47"
  • Max Frame Size in cm:
    113 x 140 x 6 cm
  • Max Frame Size in inches:
    52.36" x 55.12" x 2.35"
  • Weight: 9 kg​

Dimensions are the exterior measurements of the box.
Max frame size specifies the recommended maximum size for your artwork to be packed in our XL box to enjoy maximum protection.

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