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Large Art Shipping Sleeve 5-PACK SAVER

Large Art Shipping Sleeve 5-PACK SAVER

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The MuseumPad Large Art Shipping Sleeve is a double wall kraftliner cardboard "sleeve in a sleeve" designed to ship or store flat, unframed works of art like prints, watercolours or photographs.

The Museumpad Large is 90 x 60 cm. Max work size: 82,5 x 53,5 cm.

Available in 5-PACK SAVER. Each pack contains 5 MuseumPad Large Art Shipping Sleeves.


​Each Museumpad is made of a double-wall kraft liner outer sleeve and a triple wall inner sleeve that runs perpendicular to provide optimum resistance to bending. Our container-within-a-container construction provides the best protection you can imagine.
Each MuseumPad includes four adjustable adhesive 90-degree corners for custom fitting. One MuseumPad can hold up to eight un-matted prints (up to 0.30 mm thick), depending upon the thickness of the paper.
MuseumPads provide an inexpensive and reusable shipping solution suitable for land and air transport, with great damage survival qualities.
​​If you choose to ship multiple items in the same MuseumPad, be sure to take precautions against smudging and transfer between items of ink, pencil, charcoal, etc.

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